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You have to be more positive. Just let it go. And let it die..

история продолжается :)

Here is webmaster / editor of web site Barikada - World Of Music (www.BARIKADA.com) and editor of the music related radio emisision - The Jeans Generation (Radio Tuzla, B&H + Internet). 
Thanks to contact with Susan & SurfTones from the USA, I got info about your web site + other projects.  I am interested to get (promote here) your album "Ramoneskidz" in order to present it in media at my doisposal - web site + radio emission.  If you are accepting this proposal, please, send one copy of it on address listed bellow.  Thanks in advance. 
Best regards from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Думаю, лет через 10 те 200 или 300 копий, что остались, будут стоить бешеных денег =)